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Startups, Barbeque and 3M in Santiago, Chile

John Keogh | March 23, 2014

The EyesBot team is currently in Chile with Startup Chile.
This is the first in an occasional series of reports about startups in Chile.

On March 23 on an unusually hot day in Santiago, Chile, around 1000 people attended the Startups Barbeque organized and supported by 3M. There were three main activities, tables where startups presented their products or services, two tents where presentations were given, and an area for the BBQ. Below is a photo of John Keogh of EyesBot, LLC, showing two attendees one of the robots that EyesBot produces.

The exhibitors were primarily focused on technology, and included hardware companies, software companies, mostly in the app space, as well as game companies. The vast majority of the attendees were Chilean, but there were also people from other countries present, many of whom were connected with Startup Chile. In my discussions with other exhibitors I think there is a general consensus that there is a lot of entrepreneurial activity in Chile, but bureaucracy and the lack of access to capital is holding back growth.

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