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Chile: A great future for personal security robots

Maria Shirshova | March 5, 2014

The EyesBot team is currently in Chile with Startup Chile.
This is the first in an occasional series of reports about the robotics industry in Chile.

"Security robots are the robots most in demand in Chile" declared Jose Luis Zumaeta - CEO of Voxborg. Voxborg is the first company in Chile focused on developing a interface between humans and machines. Founding the company because of his personal interest and market demand, Jose Luis defined three main directions of the company: static interactions, mobile/telepresence robot and the third one: a robot which performs various tasks independently. The third direction is the main focus of the company and it is currently under development. For Subaru they specified a static interaction using interactive screens of different sizes for helping sales managers to promote Subarus in car showrooms. It increased the efficiency in the sales of the Subaru cars in Chile.

Jose Luis Zumaeta in his office in Santiago, Chile

With regards to telepresence robots - the prototype was introduced at the 2013 "Santiago Mini Maker Faire" in November. This robot is connected to the Internet via a 3G network, allowing a remote user to make a video conference, in addition to taking control of the machine, traveling and interacting with the fair visitors. "Our clients are waiting for this particular telepresence robot to be made as soon as possible. We are doing our best to satisfy their demands" said Jose Luis. "At present, we are working in the chilean market with no real competitors" continued the CEO of Voxborg, the competition is only in the USA." A photo of the Voxborg robot is included below.

Nowadays the highest priority of Chilean robotics market is creating artificial intelligence systems for industry, especially for mining and agriculture. But "Voxborg" put more attention in a different direction - they feel that the future is for personal security and companion robots. "In Chile exists a perception of insecurity, and people are highly sensitive to this issue, which results in an increased demand for security products", Jose Luis said. "Voxborg" predicts that in near future, within 5 years, people will get used to artificial intelligence and will buy personal security robots to protect their houses and accompany old and disable people. A special feature of local customers mentality will be reflected in the particular demand of buying this kind of robots. In the future "Voxborg" will be in charge of protecting Chileans.

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