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Robotics at the Universidad Austral de Chile

John Keogh | April 24, 2014

Part of being a participant in Startup Chile, the incubator that EyesBot is in, is giving presentations which help to connect the entrepreneurs who are participating in Startup Chile with local business people and others with whom they share a professional interest. Often these talks are held in universities, primarily in Santiago, but also in other regions of the country. In this case the venue was the Universidad Austral de Chile in Valdivia, Chile, and the topic was "The Business of Robotics".

The room where the presentation was held was quite modern, and had a wireless projector great natural lighting and a great layout.

After the talk I accompanied a professor, Jose Mardones, to visit some of the labs that the university has. The first lab we visited was his, and it focused on industrial automation. The lab has control systems for industrial robots and is now being wired for fiber optic connections to a remote lab which also have industrial robots and IP cameras.

Another lab we visited was the robotics lab which was well equipped and included robots from Festo (my favorite robotics company other than my own, since they create the most elegant biomimetic robots that I've seen).

One of the best things about Startup Chile is giving talks at university's since you meet people and see things that you wouldn't otherwise see, while at the same time making connections and influencing students who will be future roboticists and entrepreneurs.

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