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Robotics Meetups in Denver and Las Vegas

John Keogh | April 24, 2014

I recently was in Denver and Las Vegas on business and attended a robotics meetup in each city. The one in Denver, hosted by SHARC, was more of an expo than a meetup. The one in Las Vegas was held at Pololu and had a lot of Pololu engineers present, which made it seem a bit more tied to a company than most other meetups I've attended.

The SHARC robotics meetup was held in Wings over the Rockies, which is an aerospace museum. It consisted of about 20 companies exhibiting their product and apparently isn't their usual venue or their usual format. The robots and ranged from small robots from new companies to large industrial robots from companies like Wolf Robotics. The most popular robot was one that threw a large ball for kids to catch.

The following shows the hanger of the museum with the exhibitors:

The next meetup was in vegas and was for LVBots. This meetup was held at Pololu and many o the attendees were Pololu employees. The format for this meetup was first a product discussion and announcements, followed by a demonstration of a drone by one of the members. The drone demo was very cool and its clear why a lot of interest in drone technology. The meeting was folled by a get together at a local bar but, due to time limitations, I wasn't able to attend.

Below is a shot of the drone demo

The meetups were both well attended and provided further evidence that the next wave of investment and innovation will likely be in the area of robotics.

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