Building a Robot Controlled with an iPod - Easier Version

John Keogh | October 14, 2013

In an earlier post I described how to make a robot which is controlled using the free EyesBot Driver iOS app. That robot required quite a bit of soldering and left the design of the robot chassis up to you. The robot that is the subject of this post was developed with parts from RobotShop and they will be listing the robot and associated files in their app store.

The robot can be seen in the following short video:


The instructions for making the robot are very detailed and there is a distribution package which includes the instructions and an Arduino sketch.

The finished robot will look like the image below. The boards at the front of the robot are a Leonardo and a DFRobotics 1Amp motor shield.

The only difficult thing to make, and something that is unusual about this robot, is that the communication between the iOS device and the Arduino occurs by means of photodiodes. A closeup of the photodiodes showing how they are held against the screen of the iOS device is shown below.

This robot is likely a good fit for you if you are looking for a robot which uses an iPhone or iPod as its controller, has video and a web interface, and is fairly inexpensive (around $70 for the hardware).

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